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I live with my husband Pertti in a small country village in Tammela Liesjärvi in the middle of the woods. The reason for the location of our new home depended on our own hobbies, the most important reason being our dogs. Here are superb possibilities to hunt and roam the nature and we are sure that it's one of the best things to do for our dogs and they enjoy it daily.


Our first cockers where solid males, among them the red "Osku" Finnish tracking champion. Our first parti- colour bitch came to us in January -94, blue roan tan "Nana"  FIN tracking champion Davico Secret Hunter. She was the beginning of our little kennel; we got the kennel name  "Nightlane's" in -96. The first Nightlane's puppies were born in -98.


We have been doing obedience, tracking and hunting with our dogs. To some extent we attend some shows and we also help organizing trials. I have been grooming cockerspaniels and other breeds since -87 and almost that long been designing and sewing cocker spaniel clothing.











We appreciate the utility work typical for the cocker spaniel breed and try to get as many of our offspring to participate. Our offspring has made good results in tracking  part of our offspring have hade the working ability test approved, with the result SPA1 with the result and to our delight some have been used as hunters aids.


Our breeding is small scaled and that's how we want to keep it. Our aim, however, is to produce good natured, healthy and happy cockers and to have satisfied owners, who offer theirs dogs purposeful lives even if they don't go to trials. We try to arrange for the families of our puppies to have guidance and training in tracking and hunting as well as every day behaving and show training, we also teach how to attend to the coat and how to groom.


Our stud dogs have had their hips X-rayed  their eyes have been checked; they are healthy, with the show result of at least EXC. The puppies are raised at home.  With the puppy we give a guide, that contains information of the basic training of the cocker, nutrition, first aid and diseases, tending to the coat and grooming, information of trials, shows etc.  We also like to help the owners and we want to know about the dogs after they have left us. Many owners of our puppies have become good friends over the years.










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Anneli & Pertti Tamminen

Contact email: nightlanes@surffi.net

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